Whats Bigger than Big?

See Brandi Belll Getting Fucked Hard By Two Monster Cocks

I am beginning to wonder if you guys hold any concern for my personal well being. But regardless you guys are my fans and i am here to serve..and with tyhe numerous amounts of emails i have gotten from you guys concerning the lack of size of many of these boys units..i went out and got some…whats the word…elephant sized dicks!!! im sure you guys all know or should i say seen these two guys before, ramon and castro…theyre just about the biggest youre gunna get and i dont think i would want to have anything bigger inside of poor little ol me…come on guys!!! apparantly you guys ask me to walk in front of a bus and i do it!? well i guess i am bing a little dramatic and id be lying if i told you that i didnt have an amazing time with these guys and their gargantuate penises..mind you afterwards i couldnt walk correctly for days i would still say it was all worth it and i am sure you guys will come to the same conclusion why dont you guys ever send emails requesting me to frolic through a meadow or play a nice game of frisbee golf…ill do it naked well whatever you guys want i love all of you so keep sendin me mail i never get tired or bored of hearing from my adoring fans..enjoy!!!

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