The Male Stripper

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You may remember this hunk from another shoot we did togther called open house…i had such a great time with this studmuffin i just had to have him again especially since last time we didnt get to fuck..boy did i make up for that…i remember charles had this odd inclination that he was a good actor and since last time we had him play a realtor i wanted to see how diverse he could be with his acting skills and more tha anything i wanted to givbe him a role that was more suited for him so i had him play a male stripper…okok im busted i just wanted to get a lapdance form the guy…guilty as charged and of cours ei got a lot more than just a lapdance after the little striptease show i had him put on for me i was rarin to go so ff to the bedroom where and im quoting him, he “destroyed my little *$#^%$” sorry some words a girl just wont say but just say it ryhmes with kunt. I cant wait to have him on again i cant remember the last time i came so hard and so much oh wait yeahi can and ill do it again!!!

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