The Male Stripper

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You may remember this hunk from another shoot we did togther called open house…i had such a great time with this studmuffin i just had to have him again especially since last time we didnt get to fuck..boy did i make up for that…i remember charles had this odd inclination that he was a good actor and since last time we had him play a realtor i wanted to see how diverse he could be with his acting skills and more tha anything i wanted to givbe him a role that was more suited for him so i had him play a male stripper…okok im busted i just wanted to get a lapdance form the guy…guilty as charged and of cours ei got a lot more than just a lapdance after the little striptease show i had him put on for me i was rarin to go so ff to the bedroom where and im quoting him, he “destroyed my little *$#^%$” sorry some words a girl just wont say but just say it ryhmes with kunt. I cant wait to have him on again i cant remember the last time i came so hard and so much oh wait yeahi can and ill do it again!!!

Whats Bigger than Big?

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I am beginning to wonder if you guys hold any concern for my personal well being. But regardless you guys are my fans and i am here to serve..and with tyhe numerous amounts of emails i have gotten from you guys concerning the lack of size of many of these boys units..i went out and got some…whats the word…elephant sized dicks!!! im sure you guys all know or should i say seen these two guys before, ramon and castro…theyre just about the biggest youre gunna get and i dont think i would want to have anything bigger inside of poor little ol me…come on guys!!! apparantly you guys ask me to walk in front of a bus and i do it!? well i guess i am bing a little dramatic and id be lying if i told you that i didnt have an amazing time with these guys and their gargantuate penises..mind you afterwards i couldnt walk correctly for days i would still say it was all worth it and i am sure you guys will come to the same conclusion why dont you guys ever send emails requesting me to frolic through a meadow or play a nice game of frisbee golf…ill do it naked well whatever you guys want i love all of you so keep sendin me mail i never get tired or bored of hearing from my adoring fans..enjoy!!!

Fuck A Fan – Brandi Belle Fucking her fan

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So every now and againi like to take a walk on the wild side..well first let me start off by saying im loving all the feedback i get from you guys keep the emails comin i looooooooooooove hearin all the wonderful sweet nothings and i dont think a girl can ever have too many pictures of penisis on her computer keep sendin them in boys…so back to the wild side…i decided to meet a fan. Like many of you me and Brian have been writing back to each other for some time now, his last email said he was gunna be in miami for a couple days so i went out on a limb and told him id pick him up from the airport on the one condition that i could have my way with him when we got to his hotel room. surely enough the deal was made..he also had to promise he wasnt a homicidal maniac he of course assured me he wasnt and judging by his pictures hes been sending me i took his word for it. Hes an older man which i have always had a hankerin for. So to make a long story short (i know its too late for that) i picked him up we went to his hotel room and i gave him the time of his life..which is actually saying alot since hes old and has had a lot of life..but nothing like me 🙂 hehe…i even let myself be at any request he desired for a small portion of our time together (naked jumping jacks?) and of course after i was done letting him fool me around i fucked his brains out…thanks Brian!!!:)!! and thank you guys keep the emails comin you never know who the nect lucky fan will be!



This shoot just goes to show you that you never know whats gunna happen in this crazy world of ours and to always expect the unexpected. So heres how it went down: there i was minding my own business…actually attending to my own bussiness as i was just about to start a new shoot for you guys. I had just recieved a new sex toy from a very beloved fan (thanks Jordy!!!) and was going to show it off for all you guys. Nothing out of this world but i thought you guys would enjoy it. So there i was doing my little introduction when all of sudden my argentinian nympho swinger neighbors start going at it. The walls are very thin in my apt building so i could here everything it got so loud i couldnt consentrate on what i was doing. I go over to there door to ask them to be quiet and who come to the door the hot argentinian milf with nothing but a towel on. I told her how i was trying to shoot next door and asked her if she could keep it down a little..she replied by dropping her towel exposing her enormous tits and asking me if id join her and her husband…turns out they were actually doing a little personal shoot themselves. Of course i dont have to tell you guys i immidietly excepted her offer (honestly i was hoping she was gunna ask the whole time) and boy am i glad i did. We fucked in almost everyroom in there apt it was wild. I was even able to use my new toy and had a much better time with it as sharing is caring. This one is a winner boys and girls…and is a perfect example of why you should always love thy neighbor!