Brandi Testing Little Dick VS. Big Dick

Watch Brandi Tests Two Dicks HERE

Hey Guys, today were gonna do the Little Dick VS. Big Dick challenge. I brought along two guys of whom I will test to see which one I like the most. I started off with the big dick. I sucked him off real good, and he got hard in an instant. Then he fucked me missionary style and it was real good; he turned me around and then he fucked me doggy style until he came all over my back. I then brought in the little dick contestant. I must say, it was definitely different, but I wont ruin the surprise for you


For all you guys with a nack for observation you may have noticed tht worry i assure all of you i will be back next week.I dont know how many of you guys out there watch soap opera’s (nor would i expect you to admit it if you do) but i happen to love them. I especially love it when they replace a characters actor with another and everyone goes on pretending its the same person. Oh Oh!!! heres an example more of you guys might get remember in the show rosanne when the actress that played becky quit and they just replaced her with another actress and the show went on as if nothing had changed…wasnt that cool!!!! Am i weird??? Anyhoo im only mentioning this so that you guys know this is not whats going on with this shoot… You see my cameraman has quite a busy schedule these days so i we can only meet up once maybe twice a week…and the day we scheduled to shoot was the same day i called off to jury duty. And i dont have to tell you guys who have done it how much jury duty sucks( ill digress on that a little later) but as for this shoot i had to get a replacement and i remember all the emails you guys sent saying how much you guys enjoyed ellie so i gave her a ring and she was more than heppy to do it. I dont have to tell you how beautiful this girl is (but we all no shes no brandibelle hehehe) So i sent her off with my camerman to see my buddy cj and from the looks of it they seemed to have a swell time, and im sure you guys will to…enjoy and dont worry next week ill be back in the flesh, well not really in the flesh but pretty close enjoy guys luvya!!!