How to eat Pussy

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I know i speak for a lot of ladies out there when i say fellas we love you and we always appreciate the effort but you dont usually know the best way to eat our pussies. However i should say the getting our pussies eatin is a lot like pizza…even when its bad its good so dont get disguridged and definitly dont get self conciuos keep tring if at first you dont succeed…something something…and if your just not sure if youll ever get the hang of it i created this little video for you guys…7 ways to know youre properly pleasing your lady friend when going down on her. Lucky Number 7 i friend of mine found this article about the 7 ways to go down on a girl and make her love it…a couple we allready knew some we didnt so we tried them out on each other…sorry guys no video of that and what would you know…all the methods worked. It was incredible we were at it for hours and hours…basically until our jaws went numb…mine is still a bit sore…so guys we know what you go threw and how strenuos it can be but dont think bobbin away at your junk is always a picnin either. Dont get me wrong i love suckin dicks but every know and then a girls jaw can get a little tired. These methods should actually help out with the strenuosity of the whole act seeing as if you doing it right its gunna take a lot less time to us girls off. So pay close attention all you guys out there this ones for you!!!